Tan Kauçuk

Tan Kaucuk is established by its founder Mr. Cavit Tan in 1963 to produce water resistance sponge profiles for certain applications used in various industrial sectors in domestic markets.

In 1995, company successfully handed over all of its expertise and knowledge it gained through many years of existence to the second generation. In an effort to become internationally known and recognized company, firm expanded its operations into international markets through adaptation of new investment strategies and modern production technologies. From mixing of rubber to profile extrusion, all of its operations are performed using technologically most advance equipment and machinery in a safe and well-organized workplace environment.

Starting from the year 1997 company continued its operations in Kurtkoy, Istanbul in its 2000 m2 manufacturing facility.

Since the Year 2002 company has been undertaking its operations in its modern 12000 m2 facility located in Tuzla Organized Industrial Site.

The technological expertise it gained through near half a century long past, its continual efforts to maintain a high level of corporate values, business ethics and principals, trust and confidence and respect it has built on its customers, suppliers and its employees are valued the most at Tan Kaucuk.