Tan Kaucuk is one of the world leaders specialized in the development of sealing systems. Our mission is safeguarded through our relationships with our customer base, our suppliers, our employees, our partners as well as our strict compliance with and adherence to our active commitments within our business environment.

Our goal ; In striving to meet the expectations of its customers without any compromise of its ethical principals, Tan Kaucuk makes sure that the customers are provided with competitive market conditions and treated with total fairness.

Our suppliers to maintain their confidence in Tan Kaucuk and view the company as being a dependable partner, growing through full openness to the technological developments.

For our employees to look upon Tan Kaucuk as a company that provides its employees with fair, equitable and pleasant work environment, helping them for their educational and technical advancements and making them feel good about working for a successful company and be proud of it.

Our partners to consider Tan Kaucuk as being active in making necessary decisions to remain financially healthy, investment minded, having strong determination to maintain required long-term cash flow programs in order to stay current with the technology.

With full transparency and conscious, raising the awareness of our environment in an effort to provide it with the respect it deserves.