Mixture Mixtures of all known polymers are produced in-house in its mixing line at Tan Kaucuk. All raw materials are being weighed and mixed automatically in accordance with the specific formulation of the product. As preseribed in the mixing procedure, following the hands­ free mixing process, products are formed as proper strips which are cut in proper sizes and stored for the next stage of the production. All stages of production, processes, operations and operating conditions, which are recorded in the reports before, during and after the production, can be traced back as required.


Extrusion In order to meet the requirements of rubber profiles with certain functional combinations, specifically prepared one, two or three types of rubber mixtures, reinforced with metal or wire-carrier, would be turned into specified rubber profiles then vulcanized in hot air tunnefs or pressurized containers (autoclav).


Braiding Rubber hoses that are vulcanized in pressurized containers are woven using metal or textile derivative strings in braiding machines to increase their strength and durability and sealing performances.


Flocking Polyamid or polyester flock is applied on the surface of rubber profiles in order to either reduced the friction between rubber and glass where glass moves against rubber profile or to maintain consistency and decorative harmony (in the decorations) in the interior areas.

PVC / Rubber Welding:

PVC / Rubber WeldingPVC material with a decorative appearance and rubber profile in sponge form with high level of sealing performance are adhered together in accordance with the design using special glues that meets strength and endurance criteria.

Other Operations:

Other operations

  • • Face and angled attachments,
  • • lnjection molding of faces and angles,
  • • Application of double sided tape.
  • • Mastic Application
  • • Fixed Lenghts